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Founded by Franco Bertozzi who, together with the Officine Bertozzi, offered an innovative solution for the automatic closing of pedestrian gates between 1978 and 1981. In 1998 the company became Porter®, run by Franco’s daughter Donatella Bertozzi and her husband Tino Donadei. Now, almost 30 years later, Porter® is nationally recognized as a leading company.

Our Product

Since 1981 the Porter® product has been the one-of-the-kind patented automatic closing system for pedestrian gates. Beware of imitations: Porter® is supplied with a mounting kit for the installation, easy and intuitive and suitable for light and heavy gates, gates with beams and those with paneling, gates with left and right hand hinges and for iron or concrete columns.


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Strong and reliable

Designed for both light and heavy gates, Porter® ChiudiCancello has slotted holes in the block to ensure optimum settings and to allow customization.


Easy to install

Only two welds to install: equipped with a mounting kit, it is easy to apply for all types of gates, whether it be to iron or concrete columns.


No electrical installation

Equipped with a pump, it works using an outer hinge to automatically push and pull back. There are no electrical installation or maintenance costs after installation.


Automated Closure on Pavements

Donatella Bertozzi, daughter of Franco Bertozzi, the inventor of Porter® ChiudiCancello explains the birth of Porter® as the result of a constant search for an effective way of closing pedestrian gates. My father started working at a very young age. He was 14, working in my grandfather's blacksmith's workshop where he was mainly involved with the maintenance of apartment buildings. When the owners asked to find a solution to close the pedestrian gate, the only solution at that time was to install a door shutter on the column with an arm on the gate. The result was not ideal, the gate slammed or did not close at all, because, when mounted in that way, the gate closer would not work, because it was designed to pull itself. When looking at a door closer installed on an internal door, in fact, it can be noted that the pump is mounted on the top of the door and the arm on the doorframe above the door. This type of installation is not possible on a pedestrian gateas there is no doorframe above the gate. Here to remedy this situation is the Porter® box which is fastened to the gate, placed at 90° (in special cases it can be safely mounted parallel to the gate). Thus, instead of "pushing" itself to work, the door closer can work in a proper way by “pulling” itself. The result is a perfect operation, freely adjustable, in one motion, where the door automatically pushes and pulls itself back, with a slowdown and final snap (necessary to avoid electrical lock), just as with doors. Over time other companies have tried to copy this system, trying to make their products less visible, so that they might not be noticed. However, nobody has managed to obtain our results. My husband, Tino Donadei, inherited the job of maintenance of condominiums and for a good few years now has been calling for urgent action to find a way of keeping doors firmly shut. In Parma, where the Porter® was born, on many streets, our product is installed on all gates, a success down to the superbly smooth operation which makes it desirable to be more and more people.


Technology and support

No electrical installation is required for this automatic door shutter, which uses a simple and unique technology, suitable for all types of pedestrian gate.

Satisfied customers

Our decades of clients choose a professional service and customer support, for an easy to install, safe and reliable product- a patented since 1981! The professionals who choose us know they can rely on a product that is valuable beyond comparison.

A Few Examples

Apricancello Porter

Gate opening on the right

Fast installation, within the hour.

Apricancello Porter

Gate opening on the right

Practical and safe

Apricancello Porter


with obstructions.

Apricancello Porter


Parallel mounting.

Our Services

Porter® is shipped from the headquarters of Parma to Italy nationwide and abroad, the packaging of Porter® Kit consists of a mounting kit, pump, iron clips and mounting instructions. We offer after-sale telephone support for installation and repair. Our company offers you the highest level of professionalism in providing customer-care, having specialised for decades in the production of Porter® automatic gate closer.

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More and more professionals choose the simplicity and reliability of Porter®.