Fast and simple, the installation of the Porter® Kit is suitable for all types of pedestrian gates.

Customer service

This is a customer service for those who are purchasing our product and are preparing to install.

These pages are also for those who want to confirm this is the right solution for their gate before making a purchase.

Wrought iron gates

It closes wrought iron gates, which exceed 100 kg, with a maximum width in linear meters 1:20 to 1:40.

Gates with beams

Installation is quick and takes place in about an hour, once the pieces are welded and installed to the kit box, you may want to paint it in the color of the gate.

Fast installation

You can install onto gates with paneling or beams, Porter® Kit can solve space problems on the hinges.

The installation procedure

Mounting on closed right-hinged gates, seen inside.


Installazione passaggio 1

Porter® shall be installed when the gate is closed, sealing the vertical hinged upright (A), one length (B) (recommended hose Ø 27) with a total length of about 20-40 mm higher than the column (C).


Installazione passaggio 1

Porter® is to be placed above the position (B) which was welded before, so that the bracket (F) in the correct position (D) for right hinged gates (S) for left hinged gates, at the centre of the piece itself. It should be square, about 90 ° with respect to the gate, and then fixed with solder.


Installazione passaggio 1

Porter® should also be fixed in the point (E) by welding of a length (R) in the tubular element (it is advisable 40x20) of the length (L) while maintaining the position in which it is located. Unscrew the screws that attach the bracket (F) to the container (T), remove the tabs (H) and assemble the pump.

Installation on gates closed with different hinges, seen inside.


Installazione passaggio 1

Whenever possible it is advisable to weld the piece (B) and align the hinge pin as Figure 1-2; when this is not possible, fit as in Figure 3 as the case may be.

General Notes

Contact us with any questions during installation.

  • The pump kit is reversible: close both gates hinged on the right and the left.
  • Before proceeding, check that the lock and hinge are working properly.
  • For light gates, attach the pump to the hinge. For heavy gates, put some distance between the hinge and pump, then secure.
  • The closing speed is determined by turning the adjustment screw on the side of the pump.
  • The final closing movement is adjusted through the arm.